Announcing The NEPA BlogCon Blog of the Year Awards 2014!

  What could be more exciting than NEPA Blog of the Year Awards? NOTHING, FOLKS! That’s #NEPABOTY for short and we’re super pumped to be hosting these awards again as part of NEPA BlogCon! 5 Categories • 5 Weeks • 5 Top Blogs Here’s a refresher on how it works. From now until the end…


Meet Kathleen Jamhoury – The Blogging Baby Boomer Pastor

Rev. Kathleen Jamhoury constantly ponders about getting on God’s good side in order to enjoy God forever while keeping her retirement fund growing, her family safe, her church healthy and growing, and the Yankees in the winning column. She is also working her Tumblr pastor’s blog named “Schmoozing God” with thoughtful – if not humorous, posts on…