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There are tons of wonderful restaurants in the Northeastern Pennsylvania area, but it can be really frustrating to find the one to meet your taste buds’ needs at different times. This is especially true when you are looking to go to a new restaurant last minute, and you aren’t sure of the ones within your area. We all know Northeast Pennsylvania has many great hole in the wall restaurants, but sometimes they’re hard to find. Another issue is that most restaurants don’t have their menus available online, making it difficult to determine if it’s something you (and possibly your friends and family) will enjoy.

This is where 570MENU comes into play.

Established last year, was founded by Jake Agnew, and Frank Barongi. At the time, Jake Agnew and Frank Barongi were two college students, attending Penn-State Wilkes-Barre, and King’s College. The idea for 570MENU came through their frustration of trying to find new restaurants online. “NEPA has so many great restaurants that people don’t even know about” Jake said. Another issue was, even when you knew about a restaurant – half of the time you couldn’t find their menus available online. Creating an online menu directory for Northeast Pennsylvania makes it easier for people calling in takeout orders, checking menus before going to a restaurant, and helps promote local restaurants to the Northeast Pennsylvania community.

Majoring in Information and Technology at Penn-State, Agnew came up with the website idea. However, he didn’t have the advertising expertise like Barongi, a King’s College senior majoring in public relations and marketing. And as a result, they both worked together to begin what is now a very popular website among Northeast Pennsylvania residents.

Their site,, has menus from 95 restaurants in NEPA, and they are planning to add more menus. And not only does their site help customers, but it helps family operated restaurants gain more exposure and business too. 570MENU also offers media design (menus, flyers, business cards) and advertising services to the restaurants.

Here are just a few of the amazing restaurants 570MENU suggests:

CK’s Authentic Mexican Food
CK’s Authentic Mexican is located at 63 Gerald Ave in Dallas. The praises given about them include their burrito is served in a huge fried tortilla bowl which is very delicious, as well as other foods. Additionally they have an ice cream shack that people can stop by on their way out.

Stations Grill
This restaurant serves traditional American food, sandwiches, delis, and so on. Many reviews include them having so many items to choose from monthly, plenty of parking, a favorite in Wilkes-Barre, and a variety of delicious sandwiches. One of their reviews begin with “I just ate the best Philly cheese steak I’ve ever had… ever”. Definitely something worth checking out if you’re in the Wilkes-Barre area.

Victory Pig Pizza
Victory Pig Pizza is known to many as a landmark for pizza lovers throughout the US. It all started as a little sandwich shop specializing in pork BBQs. In 1942, Louis and Lee Ceccoli purchased the establishment and began selling Pizza that Lee would make for her husband Louis for lunch. Since it has remained a traditional mom and pop restaurant of Wyoming, Pennsylvania.

Easily accessible menus across the region.

When living in, or visiting the NEPA area, 570MENU has you covered on finding restaurants and their menus. With their services, both customers and restaurants are very happy because customers can conveniently find the restaurant that will rightly take care of what they have a taste for. And furthermore, restaurants are getting more exposure and increasing business for them. With there being so many restaurants in NEPA, it can be really frustrating to find the one to meet the needs of someone’s taste buds at different times. But thanks to Jake Agnew and Frank Barongi, those days are over. Check out and discover all of the amazing restaurants Northeast Pennsylvania has to offer.

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Thank you to our friends at 570MENU for this sponsored post in support of NEPA BlogCon and Squirrel Girls Tech Camp. 

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