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Throwback to the first NEPA BlogCon in 2012 at Luzerne County Community College


We’ve come so far and done so much.

In 2012, four women joined together with the intention of creating something new for our community. The aim was simple: make an event where bloggers could learn from and support each other. To do something good for our region. To make it accessible to all. To raise the level of conversation. To help others. To inspire, educate, and motivate.

And we did it.

For six years, NEPA BlogCon brought together nearly 1,000 people to learn about digital marketing, blogging, and social media. We helped businesses, nonprofits, students, and professionals. We raised more than $15,000 to benefit organizations that do invaluable work in our community. We gave dozens of children the opportunity to learn, play, and discover technology through Squirrel Girls Tech Camp.  And we did all of that with you, our friends, our supporters, our sponsors – our partners in success. The gratitude in our hearts cannot be measured.

You were all by our side at every step of the way. And now comes the time for us to take the next step in our journeys. This year’s NEPA BlogCon will be our last.


In 2012 when we started this, we didn’t know how much we’d be able to accomplish. Thank you for helping us get here.



When something ends, there are always questions. Why? Is something wrong? What can I do?

We’re proud of what NEPA BlogCon is. We love all that you brought to it – the big ideas, the conversations, the squirrel memes. You made this so special for us and that’s a hard thing to say goodbye to. But this is not an ending – it’s a new beginning.

So much has changed in six short years. What was strange is now familiar. What was obscure is now mainstream. There are so many more tools, options, and open doors than we ever dreamed possible – for all of us. We need to find new ways to deliver on our promise of moving our region forward. NEPA BlogCon had its time – we’re ready for what’s next. There’s never an absence of opportunity to make things better. To improve. To grow.

We can assure each and every one of you that we’re not done with making change in our region. We’re not done with helping others and raising the level of conversation. We’re not done by a long shot.

At every point in our journey, we’ve taken notes from our community on how we can make things better. That’s something that will never change with us. And we want you to keep having these conversations. Keep talking about what we need, what we should do, what matters. It’s where all of this came from. There will be doers and dreamers who will turn a conversation, the spark of an idea, or something scribbled on a napkin into something like NEPA BlogCon.

Speaking of conversations, we want to hear from you. NEPA BlogCon was founded in service of community-based education. We want you, our community, to have a voice in what you learned, what you found valuable, and what you hope is next for us.

During this year’s NEPA BlogCon, we held roundtables with our attendees to ask big questions and to start even bigger conversations:

  • What does this area need?
  • What area of opportunity hasn’t been addressed by other organizations or events yet?
  • How can we help others?
  • What do you wish you could do or make happen?

We got dozens of suggestions – all of which we plan to share. But if you didn’t make it to the conference, we want your voice to be heard. Write to us at nepablogcon(at)gmail(dot)com and tell us what you hope comes next. And of course, we’ll still be there on social media. 🙂

Thank you for making NEPA BlogCon one of the best experiences in our lives for the past six years. Thank you for making change possible in our region. Thank you – for everything. 


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Mandy Pennington is a writer, marketer, and all-around nice girl with a passion for storytelling. She works for Net Driven as the Director of Internet Marketing and is a published freelance writer. When she’s not optimizing, she’s slinging blog posts on her own blog or sharing a guest post or two over on She bakes a mean cupcake, teaches at Marywood University, and is also a member of The New Vintage Ensemble.

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