April: Make Your Content Share-Worthy

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acorn-296591_960_720Last month, we talked a lot about finding purpose and giving your content meaning. For April, we’ll focus on sharability. Making your content easy to share is important if you want to get more than a few pairs of eyes on it. There’s a variety of ways to accomplish this.

In the collection of links below, you’ll find everything from apps or plug-ins, to successful forms of content. Keep in mind that every medium and topic is different.

The Value Of A Good Headline

Making Your Content Sharable

Step one is creating content that is sharable in quality of content and readability. Here’s some tips and hints to help you ensure your content is. You’ll notice a trend here as many of these are lists – which is a topic throughout the articles themselves.

Providing Sharing Capabilities

One of the points that is often made in the section above is the idea of making sharing easy. You have the power to do this using plugins and add-ons. I could give you a list – but there’s quite a few good lists already out there. There’s a bit of an overlap, of course, but you’ll find a wide array of tools that will be the perfect addition to your blog.

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