Meet Kathleen Jamhoury – The Blogging Baby Boomer Pastor

Rev. Kathleen Jamhoury constantly ponders about getting on God’s good side in order to enjoy God forever while keeping her retirement fund growing, her family safe, her church healthy and growing, and the Yankees in the winning column. She is also working her Tumblr pastor’s blog named “Schmoozing God” with thoughtful – if not humorous, posts on…

joe casabona

Meet Joe Casabona

Developer, Author, Nerd…. That’s how Joe Casabona, this week’s Community Blogathon guest, describes himself – that’s in addition to teacher, cigar aficionado, drummer and Yankee’s fan. We also know Joe for his 2013 presentations at NEPA BlogCon and NEP-Tech, his Twitter presence, and interesting blog posts. His recent post entitled “The Right Way to Explain Your Freelancing Career to Your Dad”…


Meet Lady Spitfire Lucia Peregrim

In the words of Lucia Peregrim,  founder of The Indie Authority, aka Lady Spitfire on the net, she’s “Just a small town girl living in a mainstream world. Some day people will get it that mainstream is going away. Indie is here to stay.” Born and raised in Scranton, Lady Spitfire has been an avid member of the…

Boston Red Thoughts

Meet Red Sox Fan Christine E

For years, Christine says people have been telling her that she should write a book because she is “semi-amusing”. However,  she claims the problem is “the people who usually say “you should write a book” have no freaking CLUE the work it involves”. She says she has 3 chapters of that book somewhere, “but taking the time to…

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NEPA BlogCon Community Blogathon

The summer is upon us and the countdown is on to the big event October 11 at Misericordia University. In the meantime, we thought July would be a fabulous month to highlight NEPA BlogCon digirati by featuring guest posts about topics to help and entertain our community. Whether you attended, spoke at, are considering attending this year, or are…

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See You at the 2014 Kick Off Party!

The NEPA BlogCon 2014 Kick Off Party is tomorrow night and the squirrels have been busy putting together what promises to be an awesome event. Let’s face it – we bloggers know how to party   What can you expect at the big event? Well, for starters, there’ll be: Free appetizers (Thanks again for hosting…

Blogging Motivation #1 (8)

Blogging Motivation #5

“What if people hate it?” You can’t make everyone happy, but you can make the most important person happy. You. Don’t worry about what everyone else thinks. Write to the beat of your own inner monologue.

Blogging Motivation #1 (6)

Blogging Motivation #4

“What if no one reads it?” Well, no one is going to read your blog if you don’t share it with us. Tell your Facebook friends about it. Tell your mom. Tell the guy who you met on the bus. Tell the world about what you have to say. Be social. It matters.

Blogging Motivation #1 (4)

Blogging Motivation #3

“But I don’t know what to write about.” Yes, you do. You may think it’s all been said. You might guess that no one is listening. You assume that you really don’t have much to say. But we know better. We know you have something to say. We know you have great ideas. So tell…