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Speakers Roster

Meet the Speaker: John Dawe MNA CNP, CFRE

John Dawe knows how to attain excellent results! He will be a powerful speaker at the NEPA BlogCon this October and you won’t want to miss him!  He will be sharing his extraordinary knowledge on helping your small shop nonprofit or small business learn key elements; strategies to identify your target audience, and then engage…

Creating, Finding and Using the Right Images for your Blog

Creating, Finding and Using the Right Images for your Blog

The perfect Images can help illuminate your words to life. Blog posts without images are frankly, boring.     Researchers at Hubspot found that colored visuals increase people’s willingness to read a piece of content by 80%! Great images can also help your blog’s SEO and social shares. According to data scientist Douglas Masion, tweets…

Squirrel Girls Tech Camp Makes Learning Fun!

Squirrel Girls Tech Camp Makes Learning Fun!

They learned a lot and had fun doing it This year, Squirrel Girls Tech Camp (SGTC) hosted 35 future astronomers, programmers, doctors, cosmetologists, attorneys, members of the military, and girls of many other yet TBD careers.  Girls learned how to write code, create games, how digital sound makes it from a recorder to the radio, digital etiquette,…



PRESS RELEASE: Now entering its 5th year, NEPA BlogCon, the region’s only blogging and social media conference, is proud to announce both the start of ticket sales and selected speakers for this year’s event. NEPA BlogCon will make its return on Saturday, October 15, 2016 at Penn State Worthington-Scranton. Tickets are available for $15 at…

Speakers Roster

Meet the Speaker: Sally Black

As a speaker for the 2016 NEPA BlogCon, Sally Black will bring her passion for travel to the forefront by sharing tips on how to leverage your blog or business audience into a special group travel event. • Learn how to travel the world for FREE, while earning thousands of dollars for yourself, your company,…

The Power of Evergreen Content

The Power of Evergreen Content and Why You Need It

Evergreen content for your website, business or other, is an important part of your content marketing strategy.  It is a type of content which acts as a foundation for what you are building; and without it, it becomes more difficult to build a substantial, nourishing, and engaging site. Content which is timeless, offers high value,…


Squirrel Chat with the NEPA BlogCon Founders

For the fifth year Karla, Mandy, and Michelle, are leading the way to yet another powerful, action packed NEPA BlogCon. Each year this Social Media Conference becomes bigger and better. 2016 is not going to be any exception and is definitely in line to be the best one yet! You don’t want to miss it!…


Six Best Interview Tips for Bloggers & Podcasters

“When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen you may learn something new.” ~ Dalai Lama More than ever, internet audiences are gravitating towards blogs that provide unique, consistent, and powerful content. They are exceedingly in want of new and interesting information to either educate, inspire, or entertain….

Google Analytics for Content Inspiration

The Secrets of Google Analytics for Content Inspiration

Coming up with new content for an editorial calendar can be rough.  There is a secret tool in your batman-style content creation utility belt: Google Analytics.  Here are three easy ways that GA can help you sort through the content on your site and hand-pick the topics your audience will find interesting.  Use the Landing Page Report…