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Speakers Roster

Meet the Speaker: Amanda Fox-Rouch

Online Marketing.  To some those two words may cause uncertainty, but not to Amanda Fox-Rouch.  She knows the tremendous opportunities available with online marketing, and knows how to make them work for you. If you’re struggling with taking advantage of the immense potential online marketing can do for you, then you won’t want to miss…


Cast Your Votes in the 2016 Blog of the Year Awards

Wowzers! Thanks so much for the terrific nominations both on NEPA BlogCon and NEPA Scene! We received hundreds of submissions of blogs, vlogs, and podcasts you love – and now the time has come to cast your vote on who should win a coveted NEPA BlogCon BOTY Award! What We Did To get our finalists,…

Speakers Roster

Meet the Speaker: Christina Carrell

Christina Carrell writes for her audience.  She knows who they are and engages specifically with them.  As a mother of an active boy, and coping with everyday pain, her writing focuses on the challenges encountered from being a mom with pain. She shares her own experiences, offers support to those facing similar issues, and spreads…

How to Be An Award Winning Blogger

How to Be a Blog of the Year (Tips for All Bloggers!)

The Blog of the Year Awards (BOTYs, if you will) are in full swing and the NEPA BlogCon squirrels have been busy reviewing your nominations! If you haven’t submitted your blog (or a blog you love!), do it now before we close nominations on September 15. Hint, hint. Nudge, nudge. But anyways, back to the…

Speakers Roster

Meet the Speaker: Britney Kolodziej

As a self-taught designer, Britney Kolodziej uses her creative genius to communicate and connect businesses to their audiences.  From this hands on experience she has acquired valuable and essential skills to successfully move businesses to the forefront of their market. Ask yourself; do you want to reach more customers, engage with a wider audience, and…


Nominate Your Blog for the 2016 Blog of the Year Awards!

It’s that time of year again, squirrels! NEPA BlogCon is excited to announce that nominations for 2016 Blog of the Year Awards are now open and ready for you!  From now until September 15, bloggers can nominate their favorite blogs, vlogs, and podcasts to be awarded with the coveted Blog of the Year title for…

Speakers Roster

Meet the Speaker: April Holgate

Everyone loves to receive and give gifts, and April Holgate is a master at this process. As a speaker at the NEPA BlogCon on October 15, April will be sharing her success in writing reviews, receiving free products, and hosting fun giveaways. All this, and more, you will learn from an expert! You can then…

25 Blog Post Ideas

25 Blog Post Ideas to Break that Writer’s Block

There’s nothing more terrifying for a blogger than when you’re staring at a blank computer screen (or paper if you like the old-fashioned way of things) and have nothing to write about. Blogs are all about providing a constant flow of content for your audience, so don’t miss a beat–even when you have a bit…

Speakers Roster

Meet the Speaker: Valerie Deneen

As a digital publisher, Valerie Deneen has seen great success.  She shares her expertise on a variety of subjects pertaining to family, not only through her online outlets, but through offline media channels too.  As a wife and mother of two she provides firsthand knowledge and advice on invaluable topics. For over 8 years, via…