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A long time ago, on a blog far, far away….

One day not too long ago, four NEPA bloggers shared a Google Hangout and lamented over not having a local blogger conference. Not a tech conference – TECHbash rocks that stage, an event for the blogger community about starting, managing and growing a blog. Everything from soup to nuts about being a great blogger; platforms, marketing, monetization, SEO,…

The (mis)adventures of Flat Stanley

Taken from Michelle’s blog My daughter brought home a project for school last week called “Flat Stanley”.  She was given a 5 inch 2d laminated paper man and was to take her picture with him in various places and chronicle her adventures in a journal.  It looks like several of the other students in her…

I Was Forced to Blog for Business

My first blog was hosted on Open Diary in 1998…. I can’t talk about it =) When Blogger launched in ’99 I launched Mayan Riviera Living to promote the SE México real estate firm I was involved in at the time. I better skip ahead or we’ll be here all day and I just read…

The Snobbery of Bloggery: Lessons in Controlled Expressionism

(This is Leslie’s first blog post from Originally posted Dec. 16, 2010) There’s a small amount of arrogance that comes with blogging. You’re basically saying, “Look at me, world! I have stuff to say!” This isn’t a bad thing, certainly. But… with this comes a certain responsibility. Your blog can’t suck. And you have…