Volunteer with NEPA BlogCon & Squirrel Girls Tech Camp

Calling All Volunteers!

  The team at NEPA BlogCon is preparing to launch its 6th annual blogging and social media conference, and summer Squirrel Girls Tech Camp, for girls 4-6 grade. We Can’t Do It Without Volunteers Since 2012, each year we’ve brought together legions of bloggers, young professionals, writers, marketers, and small business owners to our region….

Meet the Volunteer: Jenny Kile

Jenny is an avid writer, treasure hunter, and game enthusiast. She also is the founder of Kardtects Building Cards, cards specially designed for building anything that comes to the imagination from houses to pyramids and even castles. Jenny manages multiple websites with a variety of content and purposes, such as MysteriousWritings.com, AllAboutFunAndGames.com, and KardTects.com, to…