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Only a few more days until the big event we’ve been waiting for: BlogCon 2016! If you’re a newbie and this is your first BlogCon here is a good idea of what to expect.

You get out of your car, and you are now standing on the beautiful Penn State Worthington-Scranton campus on a beautiful Saturday morning (Psst…not sure where to park? Get a campus map here!). You’ve got a notebook in one hand, a pen in the other, and determination in your eyes. It’s time for your first NEPA BlogCon.

Rise and Shine for Registration

You enter the Gallagher Conference Center and see a registration table with happy volunteers ready to get you set up with a spiffy name tag. You have your ticket in hand and are ready to roll (Registration will run from 9:00 to 10:00 Saturday morning.) Show us your ticket printed or on your mobile phone and you’re in. Forgot it? No worries – we’ve got you covered!

After you’re signed in, you feel desperate for coffee and other light breakfast refreshments. BEHOLD, there they are! Now you can power up before heading into a busy, busy day.

Super Speaker Sessions

You make your way to the first session just in time to meet our energetic MC for the event, Gerard Durling. Of course, you’ve done your research by reading up on each of the speaker interviews and the 2016 Agenda in the NEPA BlogCon blog, but now is when the magic happens! No doubt, you’ll leave each session with new ideas and inspiration.

If you have takeaways you can’t wait to share or snapshots of the event as you go along, be sure to post them on your social media using the hashtag #nepablogcon – we can’t wait to see what you capture throughout the weekend!

The BOTY Awards & Lunch

Every year NEPA BlogCon awards some of the top bloggers, vloggers, and all types of ‘oggers in NEPA with some recognition. We just announced our winners for 2016, but you’re ready to know our winners in person. Be sure to connect with them and say congrats!

The BOTY Awards will be right around lunch time. That’s right – lunch is on us!

Networking & Raffles

Oh goodness. You think to yourself standing in front of clusters of people, Who likes to network?

We do! But, don’t be nervous. Go up and introduce yourself. A conference is meant for networking and meeting people who have similar interests. BlogCon attendees are from a variety of fields involving business, journalism, marketing, and many others! From students to seasoned pros, you’ll find just about everyone at our event. Take advantage of this to make new connections.

In between sessions, we’ll have plenty of time to meet some fabulous folks, but you’ll also find raffles going on throughout the day. Believe us – you won’t want to miss some of our prizes, so have some cash on hand!

Vendors & Sponsors

Passing by some vendor booths, you start to meet some friendly faces of local companies. Not only are there lots of people to meet, but there are local businesses looking to shake hands as well.

NEPA BlogCon each year holds an expo hall to bring local resources in for our attendees. This year, expect to find our regional AAF chapter, Aya Fair Trade, Park Multimedia (be sure to stop by and give NEPA BlogCon a video shout out!), and more organizations from our community. We’ll also have a live podcasting booth where you can make your very own broadcast, thanks to New Media Studios!


Finally, you’ve attended each session and shook every hand. You may have made some business partners and even some friendships, but now that the day has come to an end…. Wait, a volunteer just put something in your hand. It’s an awesome NET Credit Union bag, and it’s full of SWAG!

Every year, NEPA BlogCon will give out a SWAG bag to attendees. In previous years the SWAG has included stickers, posters, trial subscriptions, snacks, and gadgets. Be sure to check out the 2016 conference swag bag for a surprise!


After the event, you’ll want to keep in touch, so follow us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or Google+. And, of course, be sure to check out our after party at the Susquehanna Brewing Company directly after the last session. We’ll have live music, cake, and a cash bar with some of the brewery’s finest!

Who’s excited for NEPA BlogCon 2016? Tell us about it in the comments below!

Author: Lindsey Matylewicz

Lindsey Matylewicz is a search engine marketing specialist at Net Driven and attends Marywood University as a graduate student. In her free time she writes, DIYs (like a champ), and paints. She also performs as an improvisational actor just to keep life spicy!

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