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My first blog was hosted on Open Diary in 1998…. I can’t talk about it =) When Blogger launched in ’99 I launched Mayan Riviera Living to promote the SE México real estate firm I was involved in at the time.

I better skip ahead or we’ll be here all day and I just read on copyblogger that successful bloggers are concise.

My inaugural blog post on myspace was October 14, 2006. I was tasked with cutting the recruitment budget. To make a long story short, it was very successful and it was the end of paid job posts for me. Social media and some other adjustments reduced my budget expenditures 40%.

At first I did it without permission. You know back in those days of the wild cyberspace there weren’t any rules – I clearly took advantage of that (today I don’t suggest that, most companies have rules in place). When it garnered desired results I did a PowerPoint and showed my boss.. After hoops and ladders I was given permission based on the business case I presented.

I blogged about the culture, the wonderful clients, the fabulous employees, the new products, the taste testing kitchen, holiday celebrations, workplace incentives and parties, whatever was going on I blogged about it. The qualified applicant pool increased, applications increased and tech savvier candidates were hired. Little did I know at the time that I was one of a very, very small minority of recruiters – handful really – using new media to reach out for recruitment. We started to find one another and build recruiter communities online and share tips and experiments. Today, we have very established strong communities.

I have heard similar stories from professionals in other fields. Early adopters who stuck their toes in the unknown waters of new media to see what would happen. Those with an above average dose of curiosity and geekness have in large part revolutionized the way they do business. Marketing, customer service, brand loyalty, learning guides and tutorials, focus groups, think tank activity – a blog is a tool with incalculable ROI.

Today I wouldn’t take on a client or work for a company that didn’t allow me to help craft or improve their brand through a blog. Done well, it has become an essential tool that no business should suffer the consequences of not having.

No one ever deactivated that old myspace account after I left – or used it. They didn’t ‘get it’. That’s OK with me, every once in a while I like to go back and reminisce about being a pioneer in the good old days.

I currently use wordpress, tumblr and ning for the 6 blogs I write for.

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Author: Karla Porter

Karla Porter is a Human Capital & New Media Consultant and serves as Director of Program Development & Marketing for The Arc of Luzerne County. She keeps a keen eye on labor and employment trends nationally and in the region and is a frequent speaker on careers, employment and social networking, specifically LinkedIn. She is an INTP who juggles 4 professional blogs and 1 personal one – where all the cat pics go.

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