Join the #NEPA570 Hashtag Revolution

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So you have grown accustomed to hashtagging a tweet when it’s regional in nature with #NEPA – or for some other reason like #imhungry. Those of us who were early adopters of the Twitter hashtag as introduced by Chris Messina (LOL you thought you invented it didn’t you?) quickly found tweet tracking very valuable for a variety of reasons. For example, I was in corporate recruiting when it first came about and a handful of us recruiters started tagging #job #jobseeker etc.

There are bazillions of hashtags and few rules. They spring up organically and any user can create one by simply putting a pound sign # before a word, string of words all crammed together or acronym. Where it gets hairy is that no one owns them. So when we as a region started using #NEPA back in the day, we didn’t actually select something unique or fool proof. NEPA is an acronym for several different things…

And so we, the Fearsome Foursome of NEPA BlogCon, have decided to dedicate a good portion of our efforts to a regional hashtag rebranding revolution with #NEPA570. Because our manifesto dictates that kind of action…

Join the revolution.

P.S. Best wishes for good luck to #NEPA in the 2012 Olympics!

Author: Karla Porter

Karla Porter is a Human Capital & New Media Consultant and serves as Director of Program Development & Marketing for The Arc of Luzerne County. She keeps a keen eye on labor and employment trends nationally and in the region and is a frequent speaker on careers, employment and social networking, specifically LinkedIn. She is an INTP who juggles 4 professional blogs and 1 personal one – where all the cat pics go.

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