Live Podcasting at NEPA BlogCon 2016

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new-media-logo-transparentWe’ve got a new addition to NEPA BlogCon 2016, squirrels!

Last week, we gave you the scoop that we had a new speaker joining our roster – the amazing Jennifer Crawford of DC PodFest! In addition, we have an exciting announcement that all podcasters will love.

At this year’s NEPA BlogCon, we’ll have LIVE PODCASTING set up so that you can do a show from this year’s conference! This is all thanks to New Media Studios, a recording studio in Philadelphia that specializes in podcasting.

New Media Studios, in addition to helping out NEPA BlogCon, offers:

  • Studio recording services for podcasters in the Greater Philadelphia area
  • Equipment for remote recordings
  • Podcast hosting, streaming, and distribution services available to podcasters globally at unbeatable prices
  • Assistance with getting listed in iTunes, Google Play, and Stitcher
  • In-depth analytics for downloads and streaming

nmr003Podcasts can be streamed through their network site:, their studio website:, and the mobile app Wildfire Radio. (Click on the “New Media” channel under listen live on the app). Let New Media Studios do the heavy lifting so that you only need to worry about talking into the microphone!

New Media Studios will have a live podcasting table set up at this year’s NEPA BlogCon, plus, we’re working with them on setting up streams of our sessions. Make sure you’re registered for this year’s NEPA BlogCon to get more details!

Psst…wanna tune in to our speaker presentations if you can’t make the conference? Here’s how!

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