March: Decide What You’re Going to Blog About (and Do It Consistently)

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10 Months (and 10 Steps) to a Better Blog: March

Editor’s Note: First up in our series on 10 Months (and 10 Steps) to a Better Blog is March: Decide What You’re Going to Blog About (and Do It Consistently). This post will help with tools, tips, prompts and more to keep you organized as you figure out what you want to write about and, well, start writing. Take it away, Chris!

Before you can get started on any blog platform, you’re going to want a purpose – a reason for blogging. Any blog worth reading is going to have a dedicated blogger behind it who not only cares about what they’re writing about – but does it consistently.

This month, the focus is on providing some resources that will help you curate ideas and encourage proper focus on blog topics or ideas. Additionally, it will explore some ways to stay on-track once you’ve gotten started.

Places To Blog

Let’s start with a few places that you may want to blog at. You don’t have to own your own space on the web to get started.

  • LinkedIn Publisher: Designed for LinkedIn users to publish posts directly to LinkedIn, this is great platform for professionals or anyone looking to write about his or her respective industry.
  • Medium: Medium blends together the basics of blogging but makes it a heck of a lot more social with its community-centric platform.
  • WordPress: Start up a free blog on one of the web’s most popular blogging platforms.
  • Typepad: This simple, free blogging platform is another great option for getting started.
  • Blogger: This Google-supported platform is similar to WordPress and offers the same free, easy-to-use design.

More places to blog are listed here.

Finding A Topic:

Looking to brainstorm and pick that perfect topic for your blog? Inspiration comes in many places. In order to help you find a bit of inspiration, here’s a few links that may help.

Planning Your Content

You’ve got your topic? Great! Now it’s time to start planning your content. This section is dedicated to helping you plan out your content and also includes a collection of templates, content calendars to enhance your content planning process.

Useful Apps (and Beyond) for Collecting and Blogging Blog Ideas

Last, but not least, it’s important we acknowledge some tools to help you keep track of all your ideas and enhance your content planning. The following links are a few sites/apps that you can utilize to effectively do this.

  • Trello: Free, flexible and visual. A great tool for organizing information or content.
  • Evernote: Well-known and popular note-taking tool
  • Wunderlist: Organize your tasks or ideas on the-the-go
Author: Chris Barrows

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