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Everyone loves to receive and give gifts, and April Holgate is a master at this process.

As a speaker at the NEPA BlogCon on October 15, April will be sharing her success in writing reviews, receiving free products, and hosting fun giveaways.

All this, and more, you will learn from an expert!

You can then apply this knowledge and have awesome giveaways and prizes to boost your own audiences on your websites.

It’s a win, win kind of situation for all involved!

For years, April has been reviewing products and has learned the ins and outs of writing helpful and sincere accounts other people can benefit from.

This has earned her the title as Top 100 Reviewer for Amazon.

Her passion for sharing has rewarded her many ways and I can’t wait to learn from her creative spark for getting, and then sharing, the goods!

What a wonderful day BlogCon will be!

Below is just a snippet of what is to come.




1) You review at least 200 books a year?! Wow. Impressive.  It seems, then, your blog, Eargasms Audiobook Reviews, is a product of your love for ‘listening’.  But why do like audio books so much?  What do you feel is beneficial about listening to them and ‘reading’ them that way? 

Generally, my reading is more 50/50, pretty even between e-books and audio books. I do love audio for those times when I am on the go. For work I spend a lot of time in the car, so it feels more productive and enjoyable to read while commuting. I did start out with a blog that was reviews of all the books I read, but felt there were tons of sites out there like that already. I received many comments and questions on audio books, so it just made sense to move toward that niche. Many people think of audio books as mechanical and lacking personality. They are so much more than that, I have favorite narrators who can make on OK story feel like a wonderful read. It is definitely a marriage of story and voice when it comes to audio books.


2) You review other items, not just books, and this has provided you with excellent opportunities to take advantage of.  I know you are going to cover ‘how best to review products’ at the BlogCon, so don’t give it all away here, but can you share one of the most important elements of writing a review? 

I think the most important element of a review is being fair to the product and the consumer at the same time. People want to know if it works and is worth their time. I do not need to wax poetic about a phone case, but I do need to show the key points of the product. Does it fit the phone? Is it easy to put on and take off? Does it block the camera, speakers, buttons or screen protector? Finally, how much protection does it offer the phone? These are things I would go over but not in a technical way. I am very casual, it is like they are having a chat with me about the product.


3) So many items, from household items to office supplies to DIY tools, you have tried and written reviews on.  Do you have a most memorable product that surprised you?  Or do you have one that you couldn’t stop raving about because you loved it so much?

I have a couple phone cases that I adore! They are called Sliders and are fabulous!! They keep my phone safe, but even better have a hidden compartment for my credit card and id. Everyone comments on them when I am out and about paying for stuff. I also rave about my wigs! I am a theatre gal and adore anything for my costume closet. I received so many wigs that I started doing Wigsdays on Wednesdays, they were a real hit on my Instagram!


4) Would you be willing to share some of your thoughts on doing a ‘giveaway’?  Things like, are they easy to do, can they attract a following for your blog, or how often should you do them?  Again, maybe give a taste for what is to come at NEPA BlogCon!

Giveaways are the best way to generate traffic to your blog. If you combine one with a Blog Hop, you are bringing in lots of fresh traffic to your blog. Whenever I have a giveaway, I see a marked increase in visits for the duration of the event.  They are super easy to setup, especially with sites like Rafflecopter that do all the work for you. If you have a regular giveaway, you can get those folks back for more!


5) As your success in blogging has proven, sharing your passion with others can be very profitable?  What do you enjoy most about it and do you encourage others to find their niche, and write away? 

For me the real profit comes in not having to pay for all my books! I cannot afford my reading habit, which is why the blogging began. I wasn’t looking to make money off the blog, just get books to feed my need! With that goal in mind, I have never really worked to monetize my blog. It might be something for the future, but for now, I am loving having loads of reading material and sharing my book love with others. For big readers like myself, it is to their benefit to start a blog and approach authors they like as well as new authors about reviewing their books. It really helps your wallet out! In addition, I have been contacted by many new authors and narrators, who I may never have tried on my own, expanding my reading universe exponentially!


Fascinating information, April.  Thanks for sharing it all with us.  I appreciate you taking the time to give us all a sneak peek at the powerful presentation you are going to give at BlogCon!  Exciting stuff and looking forward to seeing you there!


Author: Jenny Kile

Jenny Kile is a writer, treasure hunter, game enthusiast, researcher, and founder of Kardtects Building Cards. She manages a few websites dedicated to these varied interests and enjoys sharing adventures in each! Some of the topics she writes about on her sites include: Searching for lost treasures (, how to build amazing card houses (, and collecting wonderful board games of the 1800’s ( She has also written a few children’s books capturing the love for adventures ( Jenny feels Fun is Every Where and welcomes all to join in the fun with her!

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