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Lastly, we have a spotlight on our speaker, Claudia Pennington, who will be hosting a roundtable discussion Why Every Blogger Should Do a Content Audit in 2017.”


Claudia provides technical SEO audits and Google Analytics audits for websites large and small (ecommerce included) to improve traffic, rankings, and conversion rates. Claudia is certified in both Google Analytics and Google AdWords. Her expert-level knowledge of and extensive experience implementing Google Tag Manager makes her one of the best analytic minds in the business. Claudia also trains and coaches aspiring digital marketing consultants via online training courses she created, which you can learn more about at Originally from western PA, Claudia enjoys reading, hiking, kayaking, and blogging.


Here’s what Claudia had to say about her content auditing roundtable discussion:


You will be joining us to talk about content audits! Are audits as intimidating as they sound?

Completing a content audit is definitely easier than it sounds. Using Google Analytics data and an outline of your blog’s persona, a content audit can illuminate the content that drives the most traffic to your site from search engines like Google (and content that your readers are most interested in). Content audits also shine a light on blog posts that could be optimized or remove because they haven’t received lots of organic traffic. Data makes audits easy and straightforward.

What kind of other housekeeping tasks do you recommend for blogs/content?

Like with the content audit, there are often technical SEO improvements (like improving page/post titles) that can boost traffic. I highly recommend completing a technical SEO audit, too!

What if my blog is 5 years old, and reading through it all seems impossible?

For blogs with hundreds or thousands of posts, a content audit (and subsequent optimizations) can be completed over time — the process doesn’t have to be finished all at once.

Your site has a lot of resources for business owners, freelance workers, bloggers/podcasters, and side hustlers. Are there any common themes among these people and what they are accomplishing?

Everyone wants to grow! Whether you want to learn how to DIY your SEO in order to increase your revenue or you want to learn how to help others with SEO, everyone is looking to grow.

What are your favorite side hustle ideas that you’ve come across while blogging?

Actually, blogging is my favorite side hustle. Ha! I get to be creative and apply my knowledge of SEO — that’s why I love blogging.

Thank you so much to Claudia and to all of our NEPA BlogCon 2017 presenters! We can’t wait to learn from you on Saturday!

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