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Next up we have a spotlight on our speaker, Kristin Elliott, who will be presenting a roundtable with the topic “So Your Baby Was Called Ugly or Everything I Needed to Know About Social Media Engagement I Learned at Splash Mountain.


Kristin Elliott is a social media professional who manages the social and digital marketing efforts for REELZ Channel ( Prior to that, she spent several years working at the “Happiest Place on Earth” (Check your family photos. You never know, she may be in them). In her spare time, Kristin is a part-time radio show host and funnels her passion for craft beer into writing for The New Mexico Dark Side Brew Crew (


Here’s what she had to say about her experiences with keeping cool with social media based customer service:


So, you’re an expert at staying cool in heated situations. How do you keep so zen when things get hectic?

I learned how to keep my calm when things go crazy by first, and foremost, taking a couple of deep breaths. Seriously, it works wonders. Not only does the deep breathing release any tension that may be building, but it buys me just enough time to gain perspective on the situation rather than acting off my initial “fight or flight” instincts.

What do you find is a good response to an unhappy customer or a hater on your blog comment section or social media?

I wish there were an easy cut and paste answer to this question, but the reality is, you need to be very adaptable to the situation. So ultimately, I would say the best thing to do first is listen. Try to get to the heart of the concern being raise without getting caught up with the way it is being said. At that point you can respond to the facts and not emotions. You may also find that it’s just best to roll your eyes and ignore the comment.

What insights have you learned about community management from your job?

Whether online or in person, people want to be acknowledged, heard, validated. You aren’t always going to be able to make them happy, but interacting with them as human beings rather that a bunch of 1s and 0s goes a long way toward building a strong community.

Based on your experiences — when in a crisis, what do you focus on first?

I will go into one such crisis in detail during my roundtable, so I’m not going to talk about it too much here. I will say though, I focused on our fans/online community during this recent crisis. Fortunately, I work as part of a larger company so I had the luxury of staying “fan focused.” For those who are part of smaller organizations, or even those who are an “army of one,” we can discuss how to prioritize when getting pulled in many directions at once.

Does handling a situation without anger have a positive effect on your well-being?

I look at this as the difference between long term and short term satisfaction. Taking the high road is tough, especially at the beginning, but the good will it creates among your community will reap you benefits for a long time to come. Lashing out instantly may feel great at first, but the trade off for that smug satisfaction will be a lot of negative attention from trolls, alienation of loyal fans, and, possibly worst, a feature on Buzzfeed as the latest brand to suffer from a social media meltdown.

Get more insights on social media based customer service at this year’s NEPA BlogCon. Thank you for your time, Kristin!

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