The Squirrels, Karla, Mandy, and Michelle went nuts and out did themselves once again! They booked Orange Whip to finish out the amazing day and to help us all celebrate 5 years of NEPA BlogCon together. There won’t be a better way to party, than to groove on over to Susquehanna Brewing Company and meet up with Orange Whip after the day’s energizing presentations.

Orange Whip is a happening band and will be providing live entertainment for us to jam out to.  Their music is just what we will want after having our minds filled with loads of valuable information to propel our goals forward.

I was happy to get the chance to chat some with Mike Supey, Orange Whip band member, and learn more about the group.  As is conveyed through his answers, the after party is going to be spectacular too!  Don’t skip out on it!


1) The name of your band, Orange Whip, is such a catchy title.  I love it. It definitely resonates, and conveys you’re a creative and talented bunch of musicians. It gives off the expectation of hearing some awesome music!  So let me ask, how did you come up with the name?  Is there some secret, deep, hidden, or fun meaning to it?  Or was it just a ‘aha’ moment of, ‘let’s name us ‘Orange Whip’?!

Our name was, like any band, something we toiled over for a good long while. We’re big fans of the movie, The Blues Brothers, and the name of our band is a reference to the scene in which the band has their Rhythm and Blues Review to raise the money to save the orphanage in which they were raised.  John Candy’s character has been chasing them for the majority of the movie, and instead of apprehending them decides to wait and see their performance! While waiting for the band to start, seated with a few Illinois State Police Officers, he orders them a round of drinks, and you can guess, he orders three Orange Whips! You’d be surprised how many people know the reference.


2) I’m so glad to get the chance to ask how you formed your band and ask your history of playing together. How did you all meet? How long have you been playing? Are you having fun?

My big brother Tom Supey and I have been playing together on and off for about 12 years now. We have no formal training and just started making noise together in his unfinished basement to spend time together, and share our love of rock n’ roll music. We’ve seen some amazing concerts together over the years and music is our common bond. We exhibited a few songs during his summer blowout parties, in his adopted home of southern New Jersey, occasionally as just a two-piece guitar and drums.  For his 40th birthday party a few years back, we decided to add a bass player to the group to sound like an actual band! Our longtime friend, Chris DeNardi, kindly accepted our offer to play and has been with us ever since. Eric Zang, our lead guitar player, has been with us since the New Year and has really added a depth to the kind of music we’re most fond of playing.  We all grew up in West Pittston, PA, and go back just about as long as I can remember. They’re all great guys and thoroughly competent musicians. We play the music we like to listen to and have found it so incredible to deconstruct the songs to see the nuts and bolts of them and how they work. As far as fun goes, we leave every gig saying to one another that if the audience has half as much fun as we’re having while playing, everything else will work itself out.


3) NEPA BlogCon will have us all charged up and it’s terrific you’re going to play and be part of the fun afterwards.  What cover song or songs do you most enjoy playing?  Or do you write your own music? Would you mind sharing some of the favorite songs you love to play or that you find your audiences love to hear?

We play exclusively covers but are starting to kick around some ideas with an eye to create our own original compositions. I think the songs we like playing the most are the ones that let us stretch into some jams. We play some Grateful Dead and Neil Young that really cook, on a good night, but I personally have two favorites we get into every set list; Creep by Radiohead and Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley. Audience favorites seem to be a few old standards like Shout by Otis Redding, Shake A Tail Feather by Ray Charles, and of course the classic Fight For Your Right To Party by The Beastie Boys.


4) So.  Ahem.   I hear you work with Karla, one of the founders of the tremendous NEPA BlogCon.  Let’s get some inside Squirrel chat. The times which I’ve had the great privilege of being around and working with her, I know she is a positive, uplifting, inspiring leader and person, and so I know you will only have great things to say.  But let’s hear some this from someone who has the pleasure to work with her. How is it to work with such a caring and charitable heart of a person?

I came to know and work with Karla through one of our shared best friends and it has been an amazing experience to grow our working relationship into a friendship that spans discussions about work, the world and everything in between. I know her to be an honest and hard worker who only wants the best result and isn’t afraid to refine the process we use to get our end product. We work in Human Services and have had some incredible success stories which we call back to often on the days when things aren’t going as planned. We laugh through the struggles and lift each other up through them. We keep each other sane, or at least try to! I’d go to war with her any day ☺.


5) You have the sweet treat to perform and close the day of BlogCon.  It is going to be fantastic!  Where else have you played?  Do you any fun or interesting stories you want to share about performing? Are there any places/groups that is a goal to play for or at?  Where should we look for you next?

Being split between South Jersey and NEPA, we have played a majority of time at parties and a great local bar in Roebling, NJ called Dr. Lou’s. Our first NEPA gig was just this past July at the Wyoming Valley Homebrewers’ Club Summer Party. One of my personal favorite gigs we played was The Arc of Luzerne County’s First Annual Arc in the Park this past August. It was a chance to connect the two parts of my work/ life balance and perform for some of our TRACE graduates, new students and the community at large.  The Martz Pavilion is a great location in Kirby Park and we love playing outdoors where we can crank up the volume. We are looking for any opportunities to play future large functions or parties as well as carve out a niche in the local pub scene here in NEPA. We can be reached for bookings on our Facebook page;


How wonderful you are playing your dreams out and having a great time!  Thank you for taking the time to answer some questions so we could all get to know you better.  Very inspiring.  It will be such an energizing day, and it is exciting to know your band and music will complete the day perfectly.  Party on!  See you there!

Author: Jenny Kile

Jenny Kile is a writer, treasure hunter, game enthusiast, researcher, and founder of Kardtects Building Cards. She manages a few websites dedicated to these varied interests and enjoys sharing adventures in each! Some of the topics she writes about on her sites include: Searching for lost treasures (, how to build amazing card houses (, and collecting wonderful board games of the 1800’s ( She has also written a few children’s books capturing the love for adventures ( Jenny feels Fun is Every Where and welcomes all to join in the fun with her!

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