IMG_19261.  What do you do for a living (company you work for, official title, daily responsibilities, etc.)?

I work for Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation as the Coordinator of External Affairs. My job is completely varied day-to-day but includes overseeing Cabot’s social and digital presence, managing our internship program, community outreach, legislative outreach, media relations, event planning, crisis communications and other topics as they pop up. I also manage a few other blogs and social media channels for various nonprofit organizations and networking groups.

2.  Can you tell us a little more about the beginnings of your blog, when/why did you start it and what have been your biggest ah-ha moments?

Cabot’s blog started as a way to help connect with the community and to personalize the company more than our corporate website allows for. The website was geared towards investor relations and we realized we needed a place to talk about what we were doing in our areas of operation. Our biggest moment was when we realized that people actually WANTED to learn more information about what we did. We asked for feedback to our readers and the feedback helped shape what content we put out for them to read, and in turn they were more interactive.

3.  Where do you pull your inspiration from (in relation to your blog)?

Most of our really interesting content comes from suggestions from our employees or simply talking to them and finding out what they do. Because they work with these topics day in and day out they may not realize just how neat what they do is to the average person who isn’t familiar.

4.  What (offline) hobbies do you like to do in your spare time?

I’m currently in school to earn my Masters of Sociology so when I’m not crunching data and reading I really love gardening. It’s so soothing to work outside and then sit and admire the beautiful flowers while drinking some tea.

5.  If your blog was an animal, what animal would it be?

A dog

6.  Briefly describe your session “The Content You Didn’t Even Know You Had” for us. 

When I speak at conferences on social media and digital strategy, I often have individuals come up to me afterwards and explain that

1. It sounds nice but what would they talk about.

2. Buy in would be difficult as posting about cats isn’t relevant to their company.

This is a prevailing theme no matter their business: nonprofit, for profit, government, social work and on and on.

While not every single piece of content is blog-worthy or important to include on a PowerPoint slide, I firmly believe each company/individual has some sort of information that is not only relevant enough to them to share with the public, but that their specific audiences – from investors to donors to customers – would be interested in reading or watching. And often times companies and individuals have much more content than they ever imagined, they have just become so close to it they no longer find it of interest; but they may in fact have an audience who would find it fascinating.

I’d like to use a session as a way to present case studies from my background and others on how to find relevant content and package it in ways which are both useful and user-friendly. And ideally – depending on how interactive the crowd is – take some real-life examples and work through ways those in the audience might present them for their personal goals.


You can read Brittany’s extended biography here.  Brittany will be heading up our third session happening at 10:55 – 11:15 am.  Check out our full conference session schedule here.

Author: Michelle Davies

Michelle Davies is a married mother of two beautiful little blossoms and she lives with her family in Sweet Valley, NEPA. She’s been blogging for 10 years and is the mastermind behind the award winning NepaBlogs.Org. She works at local news station WNEP as an IT superstar. She graduated from Leadership Wilkes-Barre in 2010. She is an active volunteer in the community.

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