Why Share? The Benefits of Sharing Blog Content

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We all can admit that as creators we are very protective of our content.

We may get offended or be reluctant to share our content or links to it with other bloggers in fear they may take advantage of our hard work.

I am not going to defend blogs and other websites that steal content, but the act of linking your content with other blogs and websites does have its benefits.



Sharing your content with other bloggers could lead new users to your site.

As an example: You have a cooking blog that is focused on artisan cooking, but you also have some crockpot recipes that would make a mother of three’s day.

If you team up with a mommy blogger to share a link to your crockpot recipes, then your content will have a new channel of readers to find your content.

Think of it as free advertising.



When your posts are linked to by other bloggers your SEO could be positively affected, meaning you’ll rank higher in search engine results..

Google, using its crazy army of site crawlers, wants to simulate how a user will interact and find your site useful. If the crawler finds links to posts outside of your blog that are relevant to the content you provide, they see it as an added bonus for someone looking for the answers they need.

Then Google may rank you higher on their search engine results since they believe your site provides a quality user experience.



When browsing the internet as a user, it’s easy to spend hours searching for the right information. Most of that comes from not knowing what questions to ask next.

As a blogger you should try to answer your readers’ questions before they ask them. An easy way to do this is to provide links to other relevant content that could be the reader’s next step in their quest for information.

For example, a birdwatching blog may want to feature the Oriole and provide links to their migration patterns. This saves time for readers who may be looking for Orioles that already left the country for the winter.



This brings me to my final thought on sharing your content with other bloggers, using outside relative but credible information.

By citing sources outside of your blog that back up what you’re saying, you seem credible to the reader.

If you use links or content from another blogger, you are giving the reader proof and reassurance for what you would like to establish.

News sites do this all the time, and it’s a great tactic if you have a lot of technical information to convey in a short amount of time.



The power of a community comes with great responsibility. Don’t be a jerk.

  • Credit outside sources (including photos or video) with at least the blog name and link.
  • Don’t overshare or pressure other bloggers to use your content constantly. Building a friendship takes a long time, but it’s well worth it for the both of you in the end.

If there’s one thing I learned from working with NEPA BlogCon for the past three years it’s that bloggers are able to accomplish more as a community than as individuals.

Author: Lindsey Matylewicz

Lindsey Matylewicz is a search engine marketing specialist at Net Driven and attends Marywood University as a graduate student. In her free time she writes, DIYs (like a champ), and paints. She also performs as an improvisational actor just to keep life spicy!

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