Sponsor NEPA BlogCon

Sponsor NEPA BlogCon & Squirrel Girls Tech Camp
It’s the best two for one deal you’ll ever make.

Sponsorship of NEPA BlogCon & Squirrel Girls Tech Camp is a package deal where you earn extra mileage on your investment into our organization, but more importantly, our region.

Each year, NEPA BlogCon draws hundreds of bloggers, social media influencers, and professionals to a full-day event that focuses on community-based education. We’re not just about showing you what’s new in digital media – we make strides in advancing Northeastern Pennsylvania’s knowledge economy.

In the summer, we also host Squirrel Girls Tech Camp, a girls STEM education camp for grades 4-6. Reaching girls at a formative age, Squirrel Girls Tech Camp provides a safe and encouraging environment for students to explore new technology, be inspired by women with careers in STEM, and build their critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

When you sponsor us, you’re supporting both of these incredible events.

What does my contribution go to support?

Our region! NEPA BlogCon is dedicated to helping our region thrive through community-focused education. We celebrate local talent, provide networking opportunities, and connect people to resources and experts in new media. Your support through sponsorship helps us underwrite the cost of hosting this all-day conference for hundreds of attendees each year – including students, small business owners, and professionals.

Squirrel Girls! Your sponsorship also provides essential funding for our summer STEM education camp for girls in grades 4-6. From scholarship grants to supplies, you’ll make this event a reality for these girls. There’s nothing like this available regionally and it’s a tremendous opportunity for these students, as well as our community. STEM education in our region needs help, and we want to be part of that change.

YOU! Making your organization a partner of NEPA BlogCon and Squirrel Girls Tech Camp means you’re part of changing the landscape of our region. You’ll be helping local businesses and non-profits get the much-needed knowledge they seek to support their organizations. You’ll make it possible for students in underserved communities to attend a week-long camp where they can learn all about STEM in a safe and supportive environment. You’ll be leading the change in making our region a better, happier, and more connected place to live.


What are the benefits of sponsorship?

  • Our attendees generate thousands of pieces of content related to the conference and our sponsors, ranging from snapshots of SWAG to live streamed videos of our expo.
  • Conference go-ers and the NEPA BlogCon team also generate thousands of impressions through use of hashtags on all leading social channels – that’s an awesome opportunity for brand exposure!
  • Both the volunteers behind NEPA BlogCon and Squirrel Girls Tech Camp are active in local and social media. We earn coverage in regional TV, radio, and print media, as well as on blogs, podcasts, and social accounts. (We will talk you up when we talk about our partners!)
  • Sponsoring NEPA BlogCon means you’ll get access to work with our attendees not only during our event, but also in the months leading up to it. Connect with us (and them!) throughout the year via our blog, social media channels, and email newsletter and you’ll have a fully engaged audience. (P.S. Looking to hire? This is a great way to access a new talent pipeline!)
  • Your sponsorship donation is also tax deductible. Donation letters for tax purposes are available for every level of sponsorship (monetary donations only). Any questions, let us know and we’d be happy to help!