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April: Make Your Content Share-Worthy

Last month, we talked a lot about finding purpose and giving your content meaning. For April, we’ll focus on sharability. Making your content easy to share is important if you want to get more than a few pairs of eyes on it. There’s a variety of ways to accomplish this. In the collection of links…

Guest Post: How to Create Profit From Your Passions

Ever wanted to profit from what you love most? Here’s how. Today’s guest post comes from our friend, Elspeth Misiaszek! If you haven’t met her on the interwebz yet, you most definitely should! Here’s a little about her:  Elspeth Misiaszek is the innovator behind eMarketing Copywriter. As a copywriter and marketing strategist for vegans, coaches…

Writer’s Block? 50 Resources, Prompts & Creativity Boosters

Writer’s block. It’s the worst. But we’ve all been there. The next time you get writer’s block and aren’t sure where to go for inspiration, try any of these sources. We’ve combed parts of the internet to find the prompts, tools, and tricks you’ve been waiting for to get through that icky feeling when the…