I had the privilege to attend both the 2013 and 2014 NEPA BlogCon. I found it to be an incredibly well organized, productive and engaging program. Far too often NEPA is considered lacking in progressive development – BlogCon is not only proving this to be untrue but is empowering others to further promote all the fantastic things happening in the greater region! I cannot wait to see all the great things NEPA BlogCon plans for the future!

Conor O'Brien Director, Scranton Fringe Festival

As newbie blogger and a first time attendee to NEPA Blog Con, I was astonished by how much useful information that was presented at the conference.  The speakers were all very interesting and helpful.  As an added bonus, the networking session introduced me to so many new people who had so much knowledge and information to share.  I’ve employed several of the strategies that I learned and the traffic on my website has DOUBLED within a week.  Thanks NEPA Blog Con!

Jim NEPAPizzaReview.com

I knew NEPA BlogCon would be a fun day to connect with other bloggers, but I was completely blown away with how well-organized it was, and with the quality of valuable information I left with. It was entirely professional without being stuffy or pretentious. Bloggers ranged from political ranters to budget-conscious fashionistas, from those who’ve been blogging for years to those who just kinda, maybe, sorta think about starting a blog. This sounds cliche, but it truly had something for everyone. It was one of the most welcoming, fun, and genuinely useful events I’ve ever been to.

Jaime Karpovich Host and Co-Producer, Save the Kales! TV Show

Looking back at BlogCon 2012, I have to say it was, perhaps, one of the best Saturdays I’ve spent in my adult life. As a former newspaper journalist, turned digital marketing guru/blogger, I learned so much from the exceptional speakers there. Not only were they inspiring and knowledgeable, but they took a real interest in all the attendees and spent time getting to know about their personal blogs, dreams, and goals. I’d highly recommend anyone even remotely interested in attending, do so. Oh, and the after-party was fun, too!

Mike McGinley Associate, Client Services - Search, eBay Enterprise Marketing

BlogCon 2012 was a pivotal change for the advancement in the NEPA tech scene. The tracks showcased the different directions and options that are available to both individuals for personal branding as well as small to mid-sized business to help pioneer their venture into the digital age of driving and maintaining a customer base through non-traditional channels. The level of talent that was available locally to present was second to none and that quality was reinforced by the guest speaker and her qualifications. BlogCon 2013 is sure to be filled with even more cutting edge advancements for developing your brand!

Steve Moyer Director of Staffing Recruitment, Huntsville Executive Search

I had the opportunity to present at the inaugural Blogcon Conference among some of the best and brightest entrepreneurs, bloggers, social media gurus and idea generators in NEPA. I was humbled not only to share my knowledge of the social space, but to listen in and learn the subtle nuances and varying facets of internet marketing. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or looking to plug yourself into the NEPA tech scene, Blogcon is a must.

Mike Toma Sales Associate, eBay Enterprise Marketing

I know all of you worked very hard to make this happen.  Thank you very much!  PLEASE DO THIS AGAIN!

Thomas Tomeo Office Supply Associate, Staples

Excellent selection of topics.  This was very well organized and worth every dollar & minute.

Kim Hellwig Marketing Manager, RCN

NEPA BlogCon was great and I’m so excited to see it back again with more options this year. You’re not just buying a ticket to meet great people, learn a lesson or five, and pick up some nifty ideas; a ticket to NEPA BlogCon also helps out a charity. I hope to attend every year.

Eleni Konstas PPC Manager, Net Driven

I learned so much today! You all outdid yourselves during this year’s event. I’m so happy I was able to participate. Already looking forward to next year!!

Lois Grimm Photojournalist/Writer

Everything was awesome!  Totally worth my three hour road trip to attend!

Kele Usilton Freelance Web and Print Designer, Marketer, and Client Services Enthusiast