Win Tickets to NEPA BlogCon in our Scavenger Hunt!

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How well do you know NEPA BlogCon? Do you think you could work our scavenger hunt and find one of our three free tickets? Don’t worry we’ll give you a hint. 😉

Starting today, we’re launching a Scavenger Hunt where you can find a free ticket to NEPA BlogCon by checking out our blog.

Here’s how it works.

We’ll give clues that relate to posts on our blog. These special blog posts will have an acorn hidden in the post. Our acorn looks like this:


If you find that acorn, take a screenshot and email us at The first person to find each acorn wins a free ticket to this year’s NEPA BlogCon on Saturday, October 15 at Penn State Worthington-Scranton! 

We’ll have 3 total clues to match with the 3 tickets we’re giving away – and each clue will be posted on a different social channel. One is on our blog, another on Twitter, and another on Facebook.

Now, put those super sleuthing skills to good use and start exploring our blog to find your ticket to his year’s event!

The clue to our first free ticket is below, but keep an eye on Facebook and Twitter for two more clues for free tickets.*

Clue #1:

Sharing is caring, but it can be quite wearing. Read this guest post by C.B., and don’t be blue. Find a way to make your content work for you! (P.S. You’ll need an umbrella for the month this post is published in!)

*Only one free ticket per person.

Author: Lindsey Matylewicz

Lindsey Matylewicz is a search engine marketing specialist at Net Driven and attends Marywood University as a graduate student. In her free time she writes, DIYs (like a champ), and paints. She also performs as an improvisational actor just to keep life spicy!

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